• Fees & Payment

    •   What's the minimum storage period?
    • The minimum storage period is two (2) weeks.

    •   How do I extend my storage period?
    • The storage contract will automatically be extended on a monthly basis unless we receive notice from you of your intention to move-out.

    •   Is there a discount for longer term storage?
    • From time to time, there will be promotional discounts given for longer term storage.

  • Storage Duration & Termination


  • Transportation

    •   What is the cost for transporting a 5kg package from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?
    • Price Range:

      1kg-5kg Parcels: $2/100km 

      6kg-10kg Parcels: $4/100km

      11kg-15kg Parcels: $6/100km

      16kg-20kg Parcels: $8/100km

  • Freight

  • Handling

    •   Are there any charges shipping and handling fees if i purchase the product from you?
    • If you live in Singapore, there will be no shipping and handling fees. If not, international shipping fees will be applied.